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Welcome to the CREtech Climate Venture Coalition

A collaboration of the leading VCs in the Built World working together to accelerate investments in climate tech startups globally in the race to decarbonize the built environment.

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Our goal is to help support startups that are decarbonizing the Built World.

Led by CREtech's CEO, Michael Beckerman, the CREtech Climate Venture Coalition was formed with one objective: to accelerate investments into Built World climate tech startups globally.  From seed to late stage, from hardware to software, in every category within the Built World,  if you are a startup raising capital the CREtech Climate Venture Coalition makes it super easy and efficient to get your fundraising deck immediately in front of the leading climate tech-focused venture firms in the sector.



40% of all green house gas emissions come from the Built World

Nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions emanate from the real estate sector. As a result, the industry is facing increasing governmental climate regulation, unprecedented tenant demand for sustainable spaces, and stringent climate disclosure requirements from lenders and underwriters.

Decarbonizing the Built World

See who's behind the CREtech Climate Venture Coalition

The CREtech Climate Venture Coalition consists of a world-class group of Founding Members, Supporting Members, and Advisors who are widely recognized as the leading sustainability investors, companies, and professionals in the Built World. 

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Our expert advisors will provide our Coalition with strategic insights as to the major trends in the construction, development, and management of properties in the Built World. They do not have a financial stake in the Coalition nor will they will be involved in selecting which startups receive funding from the Coalition Venture firms.

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The climate crisis is the single greatest threat, and opportunity, to ever confront the built environment.

Together, let's decarbonize the built environment and create a healthier and more sustainable planet.
- Michael Beckerman
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For more information contact Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech at mike@cretech.com
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Check out the UKGBC Solutions Library, highlighting exemplary and commercially available solutions that address common sustainability challenges across the built environment.



CREtech and the CREtech Climate Venture Coalition mutually undertake not to disclose or share any information provided by startups that have submitted their information, restricting such dissemination exclusively to Coalition Members. This information is strictly confidential and shall not be publicly disclosed or employed for any purpose other than direct transmission to the Coalition Members.

Neither CREtech nor the Coalition bears any responsibility for the investment decisions made by its Members in relation to the startups submitting information. Each Coalition Member is solely responsible for conducting due diligence and independently making investment decisions.

It is explicitly stated that neither CREtech nor any of its Advisors, who are part of the Coalition, will receive any compensation directly linked to the investments made by Coalition Members. The Parties hereby disclaim any liability arising from or related to the investment activities of Coalition Members.

This content is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment or financial advice. CREtech is not a registered broker-dealer or investment advisor. Any investment decisions should be made after consulting with a professional financial advisor.